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Mobile Application Development

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Mobile Application Development

Simplify your user journey with a Mobile Application!

Ease of use and accessibility are major factors when it comes to user satisfaction. A mobile application can make or break your user’s trust in your business and is highly integral for a seamless user journey. 

Our skilled team of App developers are able to provide end to end development support for Native Android, iOS applications , Hybrid Mobile Applications and Wearable Apps that are in line for your organizational needs

Native Applications

Native Applications are built specifically for a particular type of operating system. In the mobile age, the biggest players are Android and iOS which account for almost all of the smartphones currently being used.

01.Android Applications

Android phones have the largest user base in the world. If you’re looking to maximise your reach with your mobile application, an Android application is a perfect way to go.

02.iOS Applications

iOS is specifically made for iPhones and iPads. Having an iOS applications offers you a door to a profitable app market where users are willing to pay good amount of money for a good app experience and functionality

Hybrid Applications

Hybrid apps are built for a diverse set of Operating Systems and are easier to manage as you have only one code base to develop and can work on any operating system. These applications consume less time to develop, are easier to update & maintain, and oftentimes cost less money for a better experience.

Wearable Applications

Wearable applications are applications that work with your mobile devices but are installed on wearable devices such as smartwatches etc. Due to the form factor of the devices that these applications run on and the compatibility with mobile devices, wearable applications are limited in terms of functionality but can also perform specific functions that put to use the special sensors available on a wearable device like heart rate monitor, pedometer etc. which were not previously possible using mobile devices

Our team of developers have experience in developing a variety of applications like

01.E-commerce Apps

E-commerce is booming as more and more people have started to shop online. Mobile applications for your e-commerce business for better reach and ease of use for your customers.

02.Educational Apps

Learning has become easier and easier with the advent of technology and Educational apps can push the knowledge even further and put it into the hands of the most needful people

03.Tourism Apps

Travel and Tourism is one of the most sought after experiences that people search for online. A tourism application can put all the relevant information for one’s travel at their fingertips

04.Restaurant Apps

Digitization of menus and ordering is the next step in the evolution of restaurants and takes away the hassle of waiting for the waiter to come and take your order.

05.Institutional Apps

Educational as well as Government Institutions oftentimes require applications for functional purposes, record keeping, and publishing information in the public domain and can be prove to very helpful for management purposes.

06.Entertainment Apps

With the more and more demand for consuming content and an ever increasing audience, Entertainment applications are on the rise and are useful for hosting textual, audio, as video content as well.

07.Custom Applications

 While the above-mentioned applications cover a wide variety of uses for mobile applications, there are numerous other uses for an app. We can develop entirely custom-built applications for your specific uses and processes.

Application Development Process

01.Ideation and Strategy

Defining a strategic goal for your application and giving shape to the idea for an application

02.Analysis and Planning

Identifying requirements, structure and preparing a product roadmap for the applications on the basis of the original idea and strategy


03.UI/UX Design

Create and seamless and easy to use workflows with the polished design for a smooth customer journey and good user experience



Developing the backend of the application along with APIs and client-server architecture as well as the front end of the application as per the UI design and making it work seamlessly with the back-end processes of the application



Testing the application for various functional use cases and stress testing the application to check the robustness of the app and to see how well it performs with large amounts of data and/or large volumes of users. Security tests are also done to identify any possible breach points and to ensure information security.



The application developed is finally hosted onto the relevant platform/ app store and made available to the public for use. The application is continuously monitored for crash reports, user feedback and there is a constant requirement for maintenance support for best possible user acceptance.

Value Proposition

Application Security – Applications include information that is sensitive for the owner of the application as well as the users. We ensure that there are no threats to the information being transmitted through the application.

Mobile App Analytics – We use various measure to capture different types of information from the usage of the apps to track user actions, their behaviour, and their journey through the app for continuous improvement.

Project Manager – We use a various measure to capture different types of information from the usage of the apps to track user actions, their behaviour, and their journey through the app for continuous improvement.

App Store analytics –We track the performance of the application on the app store that the application is published on and track the performance of the application and how the public is perceiving the application which is necessary for updating the application and expanding user base.

24×7 Support –Our support team is available throughout the day and night and can provide you with whatever support you may need from fixing small bugs to fixing any crashes and keep the application up and running all the time.